SAL’s Mentoring program connects dedicated volunteers with youth to bolsters their self-confidence and prepare them for whatever challenges life can bring SAL’s Mentoring program provides youth with the opportunity to learn leadership skills and take action in their community. Weekly sessions enhance relationships and bonds between youth, leaders, and mentors. Back to top

Nutrition Education

This program is designed for the whole family. Seminars include hands on cooking classes, healthy shopping options and fitness assessments. Participants also are given a weekly newsletter with recipes and shopping lists, exercises and program updates. Back to top

Safety Patrol

The Safety Patrol helps improve students’ safety traveling to and from school. Patrol members teach other students about traffic safety on a peer-to-peer basis. Weekly meetings are held in which students are able to discuss any problems or concerns. Back to top

SMC STAR College Prep – Life After STAR

Life After STAR focuses on helping high school students understand, prepare for, and achieve career college admission. Additionally, this program aims to assist players in pairing them with college athletic departments, coaches, and athletes. Back to top

SMC STAR Leadership

This program was developed to increase leadership skills both on and off the field. Players learn about the importance of teamwork and how to appropriately resolve issues. Curriculum focuses on decision making, stress management, communication, leadership, and character building. Back to top

SMC STAR Soccer Program

The mission of San Mateo County Star Soccer program is to utilize the sport of soccer as a vehicle through which to promote academic excellence, healthy choices, youth leadership and community involvement amongst economically disadvantaged and underserved youth in San Mateo County.The San Mateo County Star Soccer Program was started in 2009 by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Activities League (SAL) not just as Soccer Club, but a community strategy that’s members and families give back to their community, maintain good academic standing, receive leadership training and become role models to the younger recreational leagues that the SAL program offers to the youth of Redwood City and North Fair Oaks.  Back to top

Targeted Mentoring

Targeted Mentoring provides case management and assigned health coaches to youth who are in need of extra help when it comes to staying on track with their nutritional eating and exercise programs. Back to top

Teen Leadership Council (TLC)

SAL currently has 5 TLC programs that serve approximately 100 youth throughout the county. The curriculum is designed to develop basic youth leadership skills in communications, facilitation, and teamwork. This program prepares youth for success in real leadership positions through community service projects. Back to top


The SAL Tutoring Program is a weekly program throughout the school year that helps youth in need of academic assistance by providing participants with one-on-one tutoring. Students are provided with the chance to ask homework questions and tutors provide resources specific to the individual’s needs. Back to top


SAL’s Webcast program allows youth to work collaboratively to produce a news webcast. Youth learn how to work on all aspects of producing a webcast that feature stories, interviews, special interest segments, and commercials. The end product is a webcast episode that is aired on various community channels in San Mateo County.  SAL has paired with Fresh Takes to teach youth the skills needed to direct, produce, create, and edit film. Overall, this program provides youth with the opportunity to work creatively and innovatively.  Back to top

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