After School Sports

Team sports; Basketball, Street Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football are played through SAL in collaboration with Redwood City Parks and Recreation. Competitive sports provide youth with opportunities to learn teamwork, commitment, good sportsmanship, and discipline. Through martial arts in SAL’s Jiu Jitsu program, youth learn the art of using concentration and focus in order to execute the controlled body movements of this ancient art of self-defense. This carries over for these youth in the classroom, academic studies, and social interactions. Back to top


The goal of this program is to encourage positive experiences with deputies while expressing themselves creatively through arts and crafts projects. Back to top

Baile de Folklorico

Baile de Folklorico is a cultural dance program offering youth a tremendous opportunity to explore and celebrate Mexican cultural heritage and traditions. Through the Baile de Folklorico program, youth learn dance techniques associated with selected regions of Mexico, along with each dance's history and origin. Most importantly, this program provides youth with important leadership opportunities and skills. Back to top


SAL’s Cheerleading squad is dedicated to teaching participants proper fundamentals and technique. SAL Cheer participants are given the opportunity to work cooperatively on a team, demonstrate leadership, and develop their cheerleading skills which will in turn allow them to achieve full potential. Back to top

Clean Team

Clean Team focuses on cleaning, greening, and beautifying the North Fair Oaks community by planning and executing weekly clean-up plans and regular community clean-up events, while building bridges with residents and merchants through education and outreach. Within the auspices of the Clean Team, interested youth can take part in the Green Team. The Green Team will provide youth members with the opportunity to be mentored by Clean Team leaders, who will instruct them on the importance of sustainability and ways to care for the environment. Back to top


The Diversion program offers therapy and case management to first time juvenile offenders. This program provides a second chance to youth that are in need of additional support and guidance. One on one, individual therapy provides youth with a safe and therapeutic environment which aims to increase healthy behavior. Additionally, various groups and presentations are offered throughout the year to increase awareness and knowledge of important issues. Back to top

Empowering Young Women

Empowering Young Women was created to provide girls, grades 6-9, with a safe environment to focus on relationships, coping skills, self-esteem, and much more. Monthly, professional and influential women from the community speak to the participants in order to provide them with insight into future possibilities. Participants are also provided with monthly field trips in which they focus on skills such as; team building, communication, and decision making. Back to top


SAL’s Fitness program provides youth with healthy physical activity and fitness. Participants learn about the importance of living a healthy life through fitness and exercise. Classes include education of the body, along with cardio work-out, stretching, strength training, pilates and yoga. Back to top


The Literacy program provides youth with curriculum to increase reading fluency and comprehension. Students participate in individual and group activities in order to facilitate various types of learning and interaction. Specifically, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking are emphasized. Back to top

Lunch Time Soccer

Lunch Time Soccer Program was created to provide youth with physical activity during the lunch period. Students focus on skills such as; passing, dribbling, and teamwork. Most importantly, this program incorporates leadership and character development. Back to top

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