S.A.L. Programs

As is true for adults, youth have a variety of interests and skills.  The San Mateo County Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) understands this and offers different programs in each of its chapters to appeal to local youth.  The Sheriff's Activities League (SAL) positively connects youth with deputies and their communities through safe, affordable programs organized around one or more of the following key focus areas:

Building the Bond Between Deputies and Kids
All of the SAL programs have the goal to build the bond between cops and kids as part of a model program from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (O.J.J.D.P). Studies have shown that if a young person respects a police officer on the ball field, gym or classroom, the youth will likely come to respect the laws that police officers enforce.

SAL Healthy Kids
Healthy Kids focuses on Eating Right and Getting Active. Studies show that eating healthy foods, getting plenty of exercise, and having a mentor have a huge impact on the health of a child's body and their brain.  Healthy Kids programming such as after school sports, nutrition classes and tutoring help to shape the bright futures of these youth. (read more)

It has been demonstrated that a trusting relationship with a caring adult can have a life-changing effect on a young person. SAL’s Mentoring program connects dedicated volunteers with youth to bolsters their self-confidence and prepare them for whatever challenges life can bring. (read more)

Leadership Training
We aren’t born with leadership skills – we learn them. And with them, we become empowered; empowered to lead, to participate, to collaborate, to do things we’d never thought possible; things that allow us to make a positive impact in our lives, in our communities, in our families and in our schools. (read more)

Character Development
Character Development training is more important, now, than ever. Volunteers work with youth to reinforce core ethical values of honesty, integrity, dependability, loyalty and enthusiasm – the core values that make a person’s character “good”. Character Development is implemented into all programs that SAL offers.


To find out what 11,000 children and families are doing this year in SAL programs and events, check out SAL Program Descriptions



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