What is S.A.L.?
S.A.L. stands for Sheriff's Activities League. It is was created in 1997 by the San Mateo County Sheriff to build positive partnerships between youth, deputies and communities through safe, affordable, tailored programs that make a difference.
What is the purpose of S.A.L.?
To unite youth with local law enforcement so they can develop healthy and positive attitudes toward police, society and laws upheld by our deputies.
What ages do you serve in S.A.L.?
S.A.L. is for students between the ages of 5‐17 years old. We typically do separate activities for students ages 5‐12, known as Young S.A.L., and for students 13 and older, known as Teen S.A.L.
Can I go to the events with my child?
For the most part, activities and events are supervised by S.A.L. staff and local law enforcement, therefore parental supervision is not needed or required. Parents are more then welcome to observe their child in a program, and we do have special events such as Movie Nights and Play Street that are for the whole family.
How much does it cost?
S.A.L. has a program enrollment fee for most programs. The fee varies by the program. All programs are subsidized by the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office and the Sheriff's Activities League fundraising efforts. To learn more about our programs, click here, and for information on the cost of a specific program, please call us at 650-599-1693.
Who is in charge of events?
Most all our activities are coordinated by our S.A.L. Program Coordinators with volunteers from our community. Local law enforcement also help supervise and coordinate events for/with the kids.
When do the events take place? And how do I find out about them?
Most program fliers are sent out through the local school or housing area in which we are working for that particular program. Also on the S.A.L. waivers, there is a spot for parents to supply us an email address. Email updates are the most efficient way to update all families at one time. All programs and events are on a first come first served basis, so we highly encourage early commitment to attendance as it helps us plan accordingly.
Is there a S.A.L. calendar we can just look at to see what our kid wants to do?
Yes. Click here to view our calendar.
Where do the events take place?
Events can take place all over San Mateo County. Sometimes we will have tickets or opportunities to take students to events occurring outside the area, in which case we usually will meet at a specific location, if transportation is being provided by S.A.L. to the outside location.
How do I sign up?
Obtain a waiver from your S.A.L. Mentoring Coordinator by clicking here and scrolling through to Mentoring Coordinators.
What if my child does not want to go even though I want him to?
If your child will be earning community service hours for participation in various events, his/her attendance is required. Many times we have kids that tell parents they don't want to attend an event, but after attending, the kids wind up having a great time.
Will there be adult supervision?
Yes. Youth are always supervised by an adult during all events unless specified on the waiver and with parental permission.
Can I enroll more than one child?
Yes, however we do not guarantee spots for siblings to attend together on all events. While a lot of our activities are on a first come first serve basis, due to limited seating and availability for certain events, we may not be able to accommodate siblings attending trips together, depending on the family size.
Am I responsible for getting my child to the events?
Yes, unless S.A.L. designates otherwise. Parents are also required to pick up their children on time after each event.
What sports can my child play?
S.A.L. offers eight athletic activities at our South County S.A.L. Chapter: basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, dance, flag football, Jiu Jitsu, street hockey and soccer. We are working hard to raise funds to expand programs throughout the County where there is a need.
Can I volunteer to coach a team?
We love volunteers! In general, coaches must fill out an S.A.L. Coach/Adult Volunteer form. Coaches must also pass a criminal background check and be fingerprinted. Click here for further information.
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