Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Jeff Ira

President, Board of Directors

Undersheriff Mark Robbins

Vice President, Board of Directors

Kat Petrick

Secretary, Board of Directors

Kiwoba Allaire

CEO and Founder Girl STEM Stars

Rolando Bonilla

CSO - Voler Strategic Advisors

Amy Broome

Event Planner

David Collins

Associate Area Finance Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Tammy Del Bene

Adminstrative Manager, Recology

Robert Foucrault

Coroner - San Mateo County

Gino Gasparini

Public Affairs Manager, Recology

Henry Gaw


Jim Gordon

Mechanical Engineer

Magda Koszalka

Agent, New York Life

Katie Meredith

Real Estate and Workplace Manager

Anne Oliva

Marshall Realty & City of Millbrae Councilmember

Marcia Raines

City Manager, City of Millbrae

Jill Rodby

Public Affairs, Sims Metal Management

Laura Teutschel

Managing Principle, LT & Associate Strategic Communications